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"I've always known I wanted to have a career in music, but I didn't quite know how to get the ball rolling. I wasn't sure how to prioritize my goals. After a session with Matt, I had a clearer picture of what I wanted to achieve and I'm taking the necessary steps to move my career forward. I highly recommend Matt's Coaching to anyone looking pursuing a fulfilling career."

Tim B
Boston, MA

"Imagine - What if Keith Moon or John Bonham stopped what they were doing and put time aside specifically, to help you reach any goal your heart desired. Would you say no? Any instrument or any style of music. Whatever your situation or goals, Matt takes time and really listens to you. He is practical with a limitless view that mixes potential with possibilities."

Mark F
Los Angeles, CA

"After coaching with Matt, I have a very clear idea of my goals and a game plan on how to make them a reality. I learned so much, including how to make myself more marketable and how to network more effectively. Since then, I have started making many connections in my industry which have led to amazing opportunities. Matt has great advice and years of experience; I would definitely recommend him to everyone."

Los Angeles, CA

"I’ve known Matt a long time. He’s always been super professional and hard working with laser focus while at the same time being pliable enough to make working with him a natural and productive experience. I highly recommend Matt Starr Coaching."

Randy C
Hartford, CT

"I highly recommend Matt Starr Coaching. Matt will guide you and point you in the right direction, and help you get the right attitude and the confidence you need in order to achieve your goals. Working with Matt has resulted in my connecting with great musicians and already having a couple of projects lined up. His advice is valid not only for a music career but also as a life lesson and for any endeavor you are willing to take on. Remember, Matt has already been down the road to success and he is willing to teach and share his experiences. I found him to be very humble, genuine and patient and for that I am grateful."

Dikran M
Montreal, Canada

"Matt helps me to clarify what I truly want and how to approach getting it. Matt provided me with tips and tools I started using right away! After I started getting better professional connections through his guidance, I was able to expand and modify what I learned in other areas. He also checked in later on to monitor my progress and for that I am truly grateful. I highly recommend that anyone interested in a music career talk to Matt!"

Hartford, CT

"Many people talk the talk in Los Angeles but very few actually walk the walk. Matt Starr walks the walk. Matt is not just a great talent... he's a Master at marketing and branding. He's shown me the light on how to take my career to the next level...his experience in the music business and life in general will help any artist of any level ... especially if you're a Pro stuck in a career plateau... work with Matt. You won't regret it."

Los Angeles, CA

"Since graduating college 5 years ago, I was just bouncing around from one opportunity or idea to the next, but I was never really getting anywhere. Matt helped me to define and focus on my true goals, and make better decisions towards those goals. He's helped me to see opportunities that I had a hard time seeing myself, at first. He showed me how to create better daily habits. He has also advised me on how to best approach business opportunities. Since working with him, my career has made a total 180."

Katie F
Houston, TX

"Coaching with Matt proved to be immensely helpful - I now have an effective mindset and practical approach to expanding my career in music. Matt emphasizes dreaming big, along with defining very specific, actionable steps and taking rapid action on those steps. For me, Matt helped me get out of my mindset of staying at home and focusing on "getting better" at music in isolation, and instead to get out to meet others and collaborate. In my opinion, Matt's approach to a career in music (and life in general) strikes a unique and distinct balance of a pragmatic, business approach, along with an emphasis of spirituality and visualizing the life you want, and also on giving up the ego and being of service. Years of trying to "figure it out" in a silo yielded marginal results, and working with Matt opened my mind and awareness to an effective and pragmatic approach and mindset to a career in music. I highly recommend Matt's coaching - whether you're pursuing music or another field, the principles Matt teaches can be applied to any pursuit in life."

Kevin E
Los Angeles, CA


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